I feel very priviledged to have the freedom to express myself through art. I feel even more thankful when someone is prepared to part with their hard earned money to purchase one of my paintings. Below are some of the kind words sent from people who have done just that.

To them I am forever grateful.

Shadows Fall Across the Heart
New home – Ararat, Victoria

6 July 2020

Hi Tania,

just received your beautiful artwork.

We love it . It has a warmth and depth that speaks to us, especially on this cold Ararat day.

Thank you for sharing your talent (and hard work).

Yandina Sunset & Seaspray Dawn
New home – Brunswick, Victoria

7 June 2020

Hi Tania,

I received the painting today and am beyond happy. What a beautiful painting. I absolutely love your work and will definitely recommend you to friends.

I intend in the future to purchase some more of your art, but for the moment that will be it as we are currently renovating.

I loved your painting you recently did called Blue Sky Breeze. The colours were so soft and pretty as was the sea view. If I wanted to commission something similar would you be able to do that?


The Family
New home – Tunbridge Wells
Kilsyth, VIC

30 May 2020

Hi Tania,

We love having the Family in our house!!

This gorgeous well rounded and happy family catch your eye when you walk into the living room, and draw you in. The fine detail and rich colour up close are both a surprise and delight!

I’m always first up, and already I’m loving their silent company as I start my day in the kitchen.

We had friends drop in for a drink on the weekend and they love the Family too. The Family members are even more jolly somehow when there’s a good vibe and a noisy kitchen!

Kindest regards,

Rachel and family.

A Resting Place
New home – Tunbridge Wells
Annandale, NSW

25 May 2020

Hi Tania,

This beauty arrived yesterday but quarantined her for 24 hours. Thank you so much. Resting place ….. but this is not her resting place ….. I will search for another spot for her ….. she will stay on this wall temporarily.

Thank you for the thoughtful card and other little bits and pieces. So well marketed …. you clever girl!!

The packaging was fantastic …… she is beautiful and I will cherish it forever!!!

Thank you x


Wandering Tide
New home – Tunbridge Wells
England, UK

15 May 2020

Dear Tania,

Hope you are keeping well during these unsettling times.

There was much excitement in our small corner of Tunbridge Wells yesterday as Wandering Tide completed it’s long journey and arrived at our front door. I’ve been tracking it’s travels; over to Melbourne, Singapore, Germany – and then remarkably swiftly to us, here and it’s new home.

Tania, Wandering Tide is nothing short of breathtaking. We knew as soon as we saw it online that it was the one, but it is even more beautiful than we could have imagined. The way it catches the light, it’s sense of serenity, peace and open space – these are all things that were important to us when trying to find the right piece – but seem even more important now, during the confines of lockdown.

To tell you a little about us; my husband James and our 15 month old little girl, Tabitha, live in a Victorian house in Tunbridge Wells that we have spent the last 2 years renovating. One of our final ambitions was to find the right piece for our sitting room, and this search has not been rushed – we’ve been looking for a long time. And now it’s here, Wandering Tide is undoubtedly that piece. Already it is giving us great joy. Thank you.

I attach some photos, but i’m afraid they in no way do it justice as they’re taken on my iphone and the light isn’t great. However they do – i hope – give you a sense of how your beautiful work takes centre stage in our family sitting room. (Please excuse the rainbows displayed in our window – not our usual style, but a symbol of hope that has become important in the UK during the Coronavirus crisis. Also the bobbles on our table corners – Tabitha is just on the verge of toddling, and is a kamikaze kid by all accounts!).

I was always going to try to contact you as i’d imagined saying goodbye to a piece like this must be a huge wrench, and your lovely handwritten note cemented that. It really is a small piece of Victoria, Australia in the heart of the garden of England, Kent and it will be cherished and enjoyed every day.

Once again, thank you.

With all best wishes,


The Answer My Friend
New home – Hendra
Queensland,  Australia

1 May 2020

Hi Tania

Your beautiful painting has arrived well and it really is amazing! It is more than I imagined in real life, the colours are stunning and there are so many interesting spots to look at on it.

Thank you so much for it, the entire family really love it.


Pinic Bay
New home – Gold Coast
Queensland,  Australia

10 Feb 2020

Hi Tania

It arrived today! How timely eh. And we both absolutely adore it. What a colour splash and the texture is absolutely amazing. Can’t believe I’ve got so lucky with both online art purchases…always such an unknown till you see it for real.

Will send a pic once hung. Thanks also for such careful packaging too and the cards were such a lovely touch … thank you.

I had an arty friend visiting today and we were like two excited kids with the great reveal. She loved it too and agreed that it complements Picnic Bay perfectly.

Only to happy to do reviews for you too. Will sort this week sometime. Congratulations on being featured with The Block too! So thankful I’ve bought your work early as soon I won’t be able to afford you! 😍😄😏

Kind regards

Coastal Drift
New home – Brunwick
Victoria,  Australia

6 Feb 2020

Hi Tania,

My fiancé and I love your painting so much! It was suppose to be a surprise for her birthday but I didn’t want to take such a big risk by not getting her approval first. We have a very small house but have the perfect large wall to hang this painting and think it will look perfect for the space.

Thanks again.


Refuge Cove
New home – Lilydale
Victoria,  Australia

20 Mar 2020

We decided to purchase our very first painting and we chose Tania as our artist. Tania was so kind to drop off a few paintings to our home for us to consider.

Tania’s artwork looked beautiful online, but the photos do not do them justice. They are even more spectacular in person.

We are so happy with our chosen piece, and can’t wait to expand our collection with more of Tania’s magnificent art.

Romina and Paolo

Yandina Sunset
New home – Brunswick
Victoria,  Australia

21 Mar 2020

Hi Tania,

I just received Yandina Sunset painting this morning and I am so thrilled and delighted with it. 
The colours are gorgeous and I can’t wait to hang the painting up. 

I will send you photos once it’s up on the wall. I can’t wait until I get Seaspray Dawn as they will look great together.

Once again thank you so much 
Thank you for the cards also 😊.