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Tania was featured as “Artist of the Week” on the Art Edit website in Nov 2019.

Tania’s Painting becomes Cover art for a music Album

UK Singer/Songwriter Simon Scardanelli used one of Tania’s paintings as the cover for his new album – the Rock, the Sea, the Rising Tide.

“I’m indebted to Tania Chanter for allowing me to use her wonderful painting Shipwreck Coast for the CD cover. As always I looked far and wide to find the right picture for the album, and found Tania’s work (she lives in Australia) and this particular painting a perfect match for the tone of the album.” – Simon Scardanelli

Featured Artist on Singulart

« Painting is a source of endless inspiration and satisfaction, and provides a wonderful avenue of self expression that can be shared. »

Tania Chanter is a passionate Australian painter who has exhibited her work nationally. With a long-held desire to express the emotions she feels from nature, she composes works that convey the depth and richness of colors, the complexity of the sky and the romance and drama of storms, oceans and sunlight. She draws inspiration from unique Australian landscapes and works intuitively, guided by her emotions and the inner peace painting affords her. Chanter’s resulting acrylic works are alluring, sensory, and full of energy.

By Art Lovers Australia

Featured Artwork on Art Lovers Australia

Tania’s artwork Meandering Expectations was selected for use as a demonstration piece for the new augemented reality app pioneered for online artwork by Art Lovers Australia. Watch the video below.

By Hashtag Oz Magazine

Featured Artist

Tania was selected as a featured artist by Hashtag Oz magazine. Tania’s painting Meandering River was used as the cover image on the March 2019 issue.

What if that talent managed to change your life within a single year? How hard would it be to adjust and adapt to this change? How would this affect you? Meet Tania Chanter. Her journey is an inspiration. Over the last year, she ventured into the unfamiliar territory of picking up a paintbrush, started a website, began using social media and opened her Horizons exhibition at The Memo, in Healesville (Sunday 24 February – Tuesday 12 March 2019) to great acclaim and success. Tania is also one of the artists to be featured at the upcoming International Women’s Day exhibition at Guggenart (183 Waverley Road, Malvern East) on Friday March 8.

Tania never previously viewed herself as a creativeperson. She recalled a painting she did in Grade 5. “I did a painting of a tree in our art class, but mum didn’tsay anything about it, and I didn’t continue. I didn’t think I was creative. I was busy doing other things”.Fast forward 30 years and Tania’s son, Sam, suggeststhey purchase some canvases and paint. Her other son, Nathaniel, joined in. They decided to spend some of the school holidays painting under the oak tree in their garden. Bob Ross, an American painter from the 1970s, acted as their tutor via YouTube.

That was how it began.

By Michael Doran 22, January, 2019.

“I had no idea I was going to get into art!”

Horizons Opening at The Memo

‘Horizons’ is a new exhibition by Silvan artist, Tania Chanter, that is opening at The Memorial Hall in Healesville on Friday 1 February at 7pm.

This is her first solo exhibition and comes just over a year since she first began her career as a painter. As she told The Mail last year, her first work was done as a family activity with her sons and the passion developed from there.

“It’s quite interesting, I had absolutely no idea I was going to get into art,” she said.

The initial enthusiasm came from watching ‘The joy of painting’ by Bob Ross on Youtube and she has since developed her own style, taking inspiration from the landscapes and surrounds of the Dandenongs and the Yarra Valley.

“My feelings flow directly onto the canvas in an uninterrupted, intuitive flow; layers, textures and colours blend and evolve before me until some secret inner part of me feels satisfied. I don’t question or reflect on the process as it takes shape, I simply let the emotions rule the head. Around my home, nature overwhelms the human environment.”

Her first showings were at Kallista Tea House in the Dandenongs and Round Birds cafe in Lilydale. The Memo is her first solo exhibition and she has been shortlisted for the 2019 Art Lovers Australia Prize, marking a year of progress in her new career.

Reflecting on her own shift into an artistic career, Ms Chanter said, “What this has proved to me more than anything is that you can only limit yourself. I had no idea I was going to paint or enjoy painting but everyone should try it.”

The Exhibition will be opened by Gary Collier, Director Tusk Gallery, and runs until Tuesday 12 March.


January, 2019.

“I feel so priviliged to be in the finalists!”

Finalist for the 2019 Art Lovers Australia Prize

Tania made the shortlist for the 2019 Art Lovers Australia Prize.

The Art Lovers Australia Prize is an annual art prize that awards prizes to professional artists from around Australia. 

This year the finalists include Tania Chanter. Tania was not only amazed that she made the shortlist but also a little overwhelmed at the honor to be considered.

Her artwork , Meandering Expectations, was the first in a series of works along the ‘meandering’ theme and features rich colours and textures inspired by theunique  Australian landscape.

She is currently preparing for her first solo exhibtion at The Memo Gallery in Healesville to be opened by Gary Collier from Tusk Gallery.

Art Edit Magazine


Tania was featured in the “ONES TO WATCH” section of the November/ December 2018 issue of Art/Edit magazine.

For Tania Chanter, overthinking is antithesis to her artistic practice. Drawing from the immediate, nature-rich context of her home in Victoria’s Yarra Valley, her gestural brushstrokes reflect an intuitive process that is ruled by emotion. Whether directing her focus on a vase of pink flowers, a choppy moonlit seascape or a sparse, darkened promontory, the layers, textures and colours of Tania’s work bleed onto the page in the same uninterrupted way, lending the final product a cohesive yet idiosyncratic patina.

By bluethumb

By Derek Schlennstedt 19, June, 2018.

“Don’t be held back by your own fear”

A passion for all to see

Silvan artist Tania Chanter is taking her first steps as a professional artist by exhibiting her paintings at various cafes around the hills.

Relatively new to the art, Tania had never really taken to creative art, or painting and said she’d never considered herself very good at it. Though, it was only when she tried painting with her family that she found her new passion. “It’s quite interesting, I had absolutely no idea I was going to get into art,“ she said.

“I started when I was six and pretty much took a 43-year hiatus … I never imagined I would get into it as I’ve never been any good at drawing. “One of my sons decided to do some painting,  so we all got some painting gear, sat outside under an oak tree and started painting. “The boys finished one painting each, but I became completely obsessed and never stopped.”

The rest is history, as they say, and ever since Tania has been painting vigorously. Though she hasn’t found her particular genre yet, she does find a lot of inspiration for her painting from the surrounding landscape in the Dandenong Ranges and Yarra Valley.

“At the moment, I am experimenting with a variety of landscapes, and floral items; generally some abstract landscapes, that’s probably what I enjoy at the moment,” she said.

Since starting, she taken her first steps into exhibiting, with works exhibiting at Kallista Tea House from June to the end of July and Round Bird Can’t Fly in Lilydale from July to August. Speaking about exhibiting, and the daunting task of taking her first professional steps in the industry.

Tania had a message for others who might feel the same. “What this has proved to me more than anything is that you can only limit yourself … I had no idea I was going to paint or enjoy painting but everyone should try it,” she said. “Don’t be held back by your own fear, as you may find that you love it and can do it.”

By Hashtag Oz Magazine

“It was a huge surprise”

Featured Artist

Tania was selected as a featured artist by Hashtag Oz magazine. Tania’s painting Dreams May Come was used as the cover image on the June 2018 issue.

Hashtag Oz is a magazine dedicated to empowering people by providing a platform to promote their voices and showcase and publish their talents. The Magazine also supports and promotes mental and emotional health, because they believe that a healthy mindset prepares young people for a lifetime journey of self-discovery. Hashtag Oz wants young people to thrive, realise their potential and be confident contributors to our society as the adults of tomorrow.

“Being featured on the cover of Hashtag Oz magazine was a real surprise. When I was asked by the editor, my initial reaction was, Me? Surely they have made a mistake. After I accepted the kind and somewhat daunting task, my next thought was, how would one of my paintings work as a cover image? After looking at other magazine covers I decided that a more abstract piece would be best suited as a cover image as this would allow for the placement of the other important elements of the magazine design – the masthead and the featured article images etc. I was happy and delighted with the finished result.”

Art Lovers Australia.

‘‘Empowering artists and enriching lives through art.’’

Art Lovers Australia

Tania is an abstract artist living and working in the Yarra Valley, Victoria, Australia.

Her work is driven by intuition, a love of color and pattern. Currently she is focussing on landscapes inspired by the natural world, and by the ever changing effects of the elements on the environment. Whether it’s a field of wildflowers swaying in the wind or a thunderous storm ravaging the coastline, her aim is to capture the atmosphere and communicate emotion.

Tania does not produce prints or reproductions, so her works are all original paintings.

You can visit Tania’s online gallery at Art Lovers Australia.

By Stephen Saunders, July, 2018.

“You can only limit yourself…”

It’s Never Too Late

Tania Chanter came to painting later in life. She had always had a desire to express herself, but had never really found a way. That was about to change.

Inspired by watching Bob Ross videos on YouTube, one of her sons said, “let’s get some painting gear and give it a go!” – For those unfamiliar with Bob Ross – he was an American painter responsible for the instructional television program The Joy of Painting that became popular in the 1980’s and has since found a new audience on the Internet. – So, that’s how it all started. Her boys completed a painting each, while Tania became completely engrossed and hasn’t stopped painting ever since. She had found her medium and so began a new chapter in her life.

Her work is driven by intuition, a love of colour and pattern. Currently she is focussing on landscapes inspired by the Yarra Valley and the changing effects of the elements on the environment. Whether it’s a field of wildflowers swaying in the wind or a thunderous storm ravaging a hillside, her aim is to capture the atmosphere and communicate emotion.

Tania always felt a little frustrated. She had the desire to create, but felt she wasn’t good enough to accomplish anything of value. With positive feedback for her paintings and people actually buying them, she now feels that all the hard work is worth it. “Even if no one bought my work, I still feel compelled to continue improving and developing my style.”

By Bluethumb Art

Breathtaking Landscape Art

Tania’s landscape painting, “Dancing by the beach”, was recently featured in a post by Bluethumb Art on Pinterest in a collection of twenty six “Breathtaking Landscape Art” works.